Congrats! You Are the Best Lawyer. Now What?

Congrats! You are have been chosen as one of the best lawyers in America.

The best place to post this listing is your bio, the firm’s website, the news section under press releases. You can even send it out via social media channels. But, do not send it to a newspaper expecting it will make the cover of that publication or a feature story will be written about you. Especially if you are in big media markets like Los Angeles, New York or Chicago.

I was at lunch today with a legal industry reporter who said she continues to get press releases from law firms announcing rankings by other news outlets.

“I used respond with a note that we do not cover this type of news,” She said. “Now, there are too may news releases. It would take me all day to reply.”

We can all agree there are too many of these rankings and awards, many that list hundreds of lawyers from around the world. How can anyone expect each announcement to be picked up.

“Frankly, she said, “It’s not really news.”

In smaller media markets, publications may use this content, but not in places where reporters are covering more significant announcements like firm mergers, notable lateral moves or even interesting cases or legal issues.

Just because lawyers wants the world to know about their upward trajectory in the legal industry, especially when it is noted by a news outlet, does not mean you should push send.