Social Media Solidifies Client Relationships

I have a client who is extremely active on social media. She maintains a well-read blog, posts regularly on Linkedin and Twitter and adds insightful and amusing antidotes on her Facebook page. She is open about her professional and personal life, which I admire because I am not as forthcoming. But, as a consultant to her firm, I am appreciative.

If you are invited into your clients’ social circles online, consider yourself lucky. This insider view means you are more than a trusted advisor, but considered a friend too. And that will make you even more valuable to your clients.

I use social media to monitor my client’s daily activities. It tells me whether she is in the office or out sick, attending an industry conference, traveling for business or pleasure or having a personal crisis. Because I value her time, I may avoid calling her when I know she is out of the office or handling a personal situation. Because I know so much about her professional and person life, I rarely start our conversations about work. And I always inquire about her family, her comments on Facebook and her blog. I don’t do this because I have to, but because I truly care about what is going on in her life. She pays me to support her attorneys, but I also want to support her. To make her life easier.

I think my clients prefer to have that personal connection with me rather than just being all business. It makes for a much more meaningful relationship. And it shows that I care about her more than the monthly retainer.