Fall In Love Again With Your Blog

Blogs are like relationships and relationships go through many stages. When the flame dims, it’s a signal that it is time to stroke the fire that made you fall in love with blogging and all that it has to offer.

That is how I feel about my blog. When I started it in 2008, I blogged at least twice a week, maybe three times. I nurtured it, fed it with relevant content that readers would enjoy, but mostly, I spent time with it because I was passionate about blogging and it was fun. On Valentine’s Day I thought it was the perfect opportunity to remind myself and others of ways to keep the blogging love alive.

Re-ignite your passion. Write about what inspires you. I know many people struggle to find topics for blog posts. But, good ideas are everywhere. Monitor breaking news. Check the court dockets for filings and decisions. Look at industry trends.  Use the topic for an upcoming presentation at the next CLE or industry conference. There is always more than one angle or argument to an issue. Use that to inspire your next post.

Invest quality time. Like all relationships, whether personal or professional, we need to devote time to making them work. The same is true for blogging. Carve out time in your schedule to write a post. How much time? Invest as much as you can, but make sure the time you spend involves quality writing and analysis.

Gift Giving. Shower your blog with appreciation, and in turn your readers will benefit from it. Think of every post as an opportunity to give a small gift. It could be a link to a great resource, tips the reader can use immediately, or offer a review that can help people make a good decision or avoid a bad one.

Keep things interesting. Surprise your readers with regular updates on topics that are valuable to them or their jobs. Your blog screams for new and different to avoid being bored or stale.

Whether you realize it or not, your blog is committed to your relationship, and in some cases it may be working harder at generating readership, increasing exposure to your firm and practice and attracting potential business leads. Use this Valentine’s Day to show our blog and readers some love.