PR is a Marathon. Not a Sprint.

I recently presented an introduction to PR programs at a law firm that had never embarked on a PR initiative. While giving the nuts and bolts of how PR works, I offered several anecdotes that illustrated my points about how interviews, articles and speaking engagements led to new business While PR can boost a firm’s bottom line but it’s not the only reason why a firm should do it.

Your main goal should focus on keeping your brand in front of decision makers. It’s a long game, not one that is played in one or even just three months. PR

professionals always struggle to quantify the results, even if they have specific examples of successes. But, expecting that PR will bring clients right out of the gate in is not the only reason to be on the PR journey.

Being published or interviewed by a reporter may not lead to a new matter immediately but it may help your clients get more familiar with your attorneys and your firm’s services. Business also may be generated months in the future. If you are not tracking the source of your new business you have no idea if business came because your referral source passed on an article to their contact who then sent it via email to his brother who owns a successful companies that is in need of services your article discussed.

I am sure many of you have examples where PR has led to a business development opportunity or event a matter, but it does not happen with predictability. Having grand expectations that hiring a PR firm will bring business to your doorstep is misguided. It certainly can and does happen, but there are no promises.