Traditional Tactics to Connect with the Media are Still Effective

I had lunch yesterday with a client and an entertainment industry reporter. The reporter, who works for a popular TV network, covers celebrities and their legal problems. So, as you can imagine, she is always looking for good sources for breaking news. Our meeting was a great opportunity to get to know an influential reporter and an even better opportunity for my client to showcase her industry knowledge and talk ‘off the record’ about her representation of celebrities and well known executives in the entertainment industry.

With the preaching about social media and the popularity of using it to connect with the media, I still find that traditional face-to-face meetings with the media are not only effective but critical when developing trusting – and long-lasting – relationships with reporters. Just think about your lawyers and how they approach business. While they may use client alerts and blogs to attract interest from a client, they still have to meet face-to-face to seal the deal. The same is true with reporters. The trust and personal connection are the reasons why they use the same sources over and over again. And, if that target reporter is not in your home town, then get that person on the phone. Only so much can be said in 140 characters or in the first few lines of an email introduction.

Get out from behind an email or a Twitter account. Reach out and touch someone.