The One Question Lawyers Love To Ask

At a recent new business pitch I was asked the question that almost always comes up with prospective clients: How quickly will I see new business from our PR investment? PR alone is not magical it is just one of many resources an organization must invest in for new business. Too often people expect PR to do all of the work without. Firms need to also spend money on strategic advertising opportunities, sponsorships and memberships in trade groups. When asked about the ROI of PR m y answer is always the same: You can’t expect PR to bring in the business. Of course it does happen and I have great examples of how that has worked, but often those firms are already doing other things in the market to build their reputation and develop business. A law firm’s PR program is only a small piece of the overall business development pie. I realized long ago that it is important to set expectations up front about what PR can do and should do for your firm and how it relates to a brand and business development efforts. I strongly believe B2B PR creates the tools to make it easier for a firm or individual attorney to reach out to prospective clients. An article provides an excuse to send a note to a client or and an interview with a publication provides the content to post an update on a LinkedIn profile. A promotion of a speaking engagement provides an excuse to showcase an attorney on the home page of a website. To expect every effort to result in new business is a recipe for disappointment. A PR professional who sells you on something otherwise should not be hired.